EJ Hinderliter grew up in Saxonburg, a small town north of Pittsburgh. He was fortunate to have a strong, positive family who nurtured his curiosity and ‘can do’ attitude. Adventurous and encouraged to dream big he’s lived in several regions of the United States and the United Kingdom. He credits his time in England for developing an appreciation of BBC great writing and story-telling. The beneficiary of exceptional mentors and exposure to rogue individuals and events has inspired to write how ‘one person can make a difference’. A theme that pervades his writing.

As a first generation college graduate with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Penn State University his quest to become a college president lasted a decade. That period included stints at a large university, a private college, and Harlaxton College in England all of which contributed to his first novel Old Main (currently seeking representation). His interests in finance resulted in two decades on Wall Street and fueled a second novel Run, (also seeking representation) featuring a $310 million Bitcoin transaction intercepted by an individual who decides to keep it and attempt to vanish. His current writing revolves around an Australian exchange student suffering from tall poppy syndrome while spending a year with the author and his family. Most recent he’s begun a LDBTQ story where a young woman and her partner outwit Wall Street at their own game and climaxes in a surprise ending.

His fiction relies on likeable, but flawed characters with intriguing stories that entertain and enlighten by tearing the curtain from actual people, places, and events. Add a little romance to the drama and you’ve got a E J Hinderliter novel.

When not writing or researching he divides his time between writing groups in Florida and hiking the wilds of Northern Michigan.