Published Short Stories:
Bluestone Cabal, Uneven Terrain, An Anthology, MMW Inc. 2019 The opening event began a quest to save a private college from a corrupt governor and resolve a romantic misunderstanding. Thugo 5-2-6, MI Sunrise Journal, 2019 A group of teenage boys who play baseball for each other and accomplish something rare.
Unpublished Short Stories:
The Assignment, 2019 The experiences of one evening could fill a book or at least a chapter. Mamihlapineatapai, 2020 When two people are attracted to each other but neither one will act.
We Love Our Losers, Until They Win, 2020 A story about tall poppy syndrome and the teenage Aussie who overcame it and taught adults something about life.
Old Main, (seeking representation) The unlikely story of a young bi-polar architect that saves a private college from a corrupt governor and reconnects with her long lost love. Run, (seeking representation) An individual intercepts a $310 million Bitcoin deposit and decides to keep it and run from the terrorist who want it back.  Swirling in the Wrong Direction, 2021 expected A young Aussie spends a year abroad overcoming tall poppy syndrome, solving a crime, and teaching a community something about life.